About Us

Step'in Western Styles is a Western themed store that sells boots, apparel, and accessories as well as consignment. We prioritize products made in North America therefore you will see very few new items made overseas. Returning "Western" back to the country that made it.

I got the idea for Step'in Western Styles when I worked at Charly Boots and realized how many boots were made overseas. I found it odd that so many popular brand cowboy boots weren't made where the cowboys are. I decided to change that by providing new products made right in here in North America. The addition of consignment options was brought on by how many boots were bought for special occasions or kids who would grow out of them quickly. I wanted to provide a place where people could unload their "worn only once or twice" pair of boots while simultaneously offering nearly new products without the new price tag. A Win-Win situation!

I came up with the name Step'in Western Styles by trying to keep it simple while trying to employ my love for dancing. So "Step in to" and "Country 2-step" for Step'in and Western since that is what I'm wanting to sell and Styles because "Wear" and "Apparel" are very common words in the retail industry and I wanted to be more unique.

A little about the owner:

My name is Aubrey Duggins and I enjoy dancing, horseback riding, reading, watching TV, playing games, sipping chai tea while on walks, and sleeping. I have a 4 year old toy Australian Shepherd named Chai. She is full of love but is very timid with strangers so if you see her don't feel bad if she doesn't say hi. I also have a little boy named Glenn. He takes up all my time when I'm not working and a good amount even when I am trying to work. He's a silly, happy toddler that I find absolutely adorable and can't help but love.

Thanks for stopping by!